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SILAS-SAS is a company that help you to develop a system based software with respect of safety and security constraint.


SILAS-SAS Support you for

  • Consultancy (see examples of Clients)
    • on the application of formal method
    • to help you to deploy a methodology compliant with a standard such ISO 26262, CENELEC 5012x and/or IEC 61508;
    • to help you to develop a new product that fulfill a standard such ISO 26262, CENELEC 5012x and/or IEC 61508;
    • to do an audit of you current approach and to identify the gap with a SIL approach;
    • to help you to define a tools qualification process;
    • etc.
  • Expert
    • to do an Independant Assessment;
    • to do an advice on your process;
    • to help you to improve your approach;
    • to help you during an assessment.
  • Training
    • on formal method such
      • B method;
      • SCADE;
      • Control-build;
      • ...
    • on CENELEC standard
      • CENELEC 50126:2017 (part 1 and part2) for safety approach;
      • CENELEC 50129:2018 for safety demonstration;
      • CENELEC 50128:2011 + A2:2020 for software development
      • CENELEC 50155:2017 for onboard equipment;
      • CENELEC 50657:2017 for software in onboard equipment;
    • on IEC 61508 standard
    • on ISO 26262
      • general approach;
      • software development (part-6 and part-8).
    • on requirement management
  • Publication : papers, books, congress, workshop.   

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